Scott Killian: New Ballet Music 11 - Illuminations
Scott Killian: New Ballet
Music 11 - Illuminations



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24 Digitally Orchestrated Compositions for Barre & Center Exercises. 13 barre, 11 center exercises. No repeats. Extra long tracks. The dictionary defines illumination as: a source of light, spiritual enlightenment; and, to endow with fame or splendor, or to celebrate. And that exactly defines this very special recording. As you listen and dance to this extremely rich and inspiring music, you will discover new ways to move and express yourself. This enchanting music will make you glow.


1. Relax & stretch: 2/4, 1:42
2. Pliés: 3/4, 2:51
3. Slow tendu: 4/4, 2:35
4. Medium tendu: 3/4, 2:43
5. Quick tendu: 2/4, 2:39
6. Slow tendu: 4/4, 4:16
7. Medium tendu: 2/4, 2:20
8. Fast dégagé: 6/8, 2:08
9. Big Stretches: 4/4, 4:39
10. Rond de jambe: 3/4, 3:20
11. Développé, fondu: 3/4, 2:51
12. Frappé, petit battement: 2/4, 2:24
13. Grand battement: 4/4, 2:30
14. Pirouettes: 3/4, 3:27
15. Pirouettes: 2/4, 3:26
16. Adagio: 3/4, 3:10
17. Fondu relevé: 3/4, 3:24
18. Fondu relevé: 3/4, 4:37
19. Fondu relevé: 2/4, 4:45
20. Changements: 2/4, 2:47
21. Petit allégro: 3/4, 3:20
22. Petit allégro: 2/4, 2:47
23. Grand allégro: 3/4, 3:55
24. Coda: 4/4, 3:36


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"This music is so lovely, it makes other teachers stop at my door, and ask what it is. They say, 'It's so good!' My students and I cannot thank you enough - Bravo!" - Ione Barczk, Ballet Teacher, Auckland, New Zealand

"Please give Scott Killian a big smooch from the dancers at The University of Louisiana, Lafayette! We've just had the best class in weeks!" - Sarah Stravinska, Distinguished Professor of Dance, Dept of Performing Arts, UL at Lafayette, LA