Scott Killian: New Ballet Music 7 - From the Heart
Scott Killian: New Ballet
Music 7 - From the Heart



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Finis on CBS


Finis was featured on the television show CBS This Morning! He discussed dancing well beyond retirement age and how he inspires dancers of every age. Watch the segment!


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24 Digitally Orchestrated Compositions for the Ballet Class. 13 barre, 11 center exercises. No repeats. Extra long tracks. Finis thinks that this CD borders on being a religious experience. It truly creates a "safe haven" in the studio, where all the cares of the world disappear, and only beauty and inspiration exist.

The adagios (which suggest Puccini, Mozart, or Beethoven) immediately create an atmosphere of intense listening. And, Scott's original allégros are like wearing the fabled "Red Shoes" . . . students can't stop dancing . . . they just want to keep going across the floor, over and over again. It's amazing.


1. Relax & Stretch: 3/4, 2:12
2. Pliés: 3/4, 3:10
3. Battement tendu: 3/4, 1:52
4. Battement tendu: 4/4, 2:29
5. Battement tendu: 2/4, 1:52
6. Battement tendu: 4/4, 5:08
7. Battement tendu: 2/4, 2:44
8. Battement tendu: 6/8, 3:58
9. Adagio: 2/4, 4:26
10. Rond de jambe: 4/4, 2:28
11. Frappé, fondu: 6/8, 2:06
12. Développés: 3/4, 2:40
13. Grand battement: 3/4, 2:15
14. Tendu, pirouette: 3/4, 3:31
15. Tendu, pirouette: 2/4, 3:20
16. Adagio: 3/4, 3:06
17. Adagio: 4/4, 2:23
18. Fondu-relevé: 2/4, 2:22
19. Fondu-relevé: 3/4, 4:11
20. Fondu-relevé: 4/4, 2:27
21. Changements: 4/4, 2:41
22. Petit allégro: 3/4, 3:06
23. Petit allégro: 3/4, 3:30
24. Grand allégro: 2/4, 3:58


The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 1 - Barrework for Beginners
The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 3 - Centerwork
The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 4 - Intermediate Centerwork on Jumps


"I have been using this CD in every class since I've received it! Each track seems to set a scene with a unique mood that inspires the dancers (no matter their age!) to respond with overwhelming enthusiasm. Thanks!" - Maria Josenhans, Director, Berkshire School of Highland Dance, Housatonic, MA, and Kent, CT

"It's so wonderful to see my dancers come alive and start dancing their hearts out when I play NBM7." - Barbara Demaree, Boulder Arts Academy, Boulder, CO

"All of your CD's are so fantastic! Thanks for beautiful and inspiring music that makes teaching so much more creative and full of joy. When I hear this music, combinations literally jump into my head. Thank you!" - Linda Fenton, Linda Fenton Dance Studio, Sandy, UT