Webster Smith: Music for 24 Center Exercises
Webster Smith: Music for
24 Center Exercises



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24 Selections. 4 Different Center Classes, each from adagio to grand allegro. Rich in rhythmic texture and dynamically played, this music is especially good for children and beginner classes because Webster plays with great strength and clarity. It's all highly spirited, multi-purpose music.

All the pieces are for either 4 or 8 groups across the floor. Besides Webster, composers include Waldteufel, Hertel, Paderewski, Naumann, Dutton, Hollaender, Lanner, and Scholtz. Listen to Webster's stately adagio on Track 7. There’s no wondering where the beat is!


1. Adagio: lyrical waltz, 1:49 minutes
2. Tango: sharp 2/4, 1:19
3. Changements: easy 6/8, 1:01
4. Little jumps: operatic 6/8, 1:01
5. Little jumps & beats: quick waltz, 1:38
6. Galop: bright 2/4, 1:50
7. Adagio: stately 4/4, 2:38
8. Jig: happy 2/4, 1:08
9. Changements: moderate waltz, 1:13
10. Quick jumps & beats: 2/4, :56
11. Jumping pas de bourrées: quick waltz, :59
12. Galop: spirited 2/4, 1:54
13. Adagio: Romantic 4/4, 1:54
14. Slow waltz: 1:34
15. Changements: quick waltz, 1:25
16. Little jumps: quick 3/4, 2:10
17. Little jumps & beats: spirited waltz, 1:01
18. Big jumps: dynamic waltz, 1:27
19. Adagio: lyrical 3/4, 2:08
20. Moderate waltz: 1:27
21. Quick waltz: 1:05
22. Jig: 2/4, 1:13
23. Quick jumps: waltz, 1:01
24. Big jumps: Fast waltz, 1:57


Classic Classes 2 - Intermediate/Advanced Turning Class
Classic Classes 3 - Slow Intermediate Class
Connecting Movements Sideways & Forward
Turning Connecting Movements & Turning Jumps


"I am lost without your music! My students always comment on your music more than any other ballet CD's I use. Thank you for taking such good care of the next generation of dancers!" - Marianne Reilly, Draper Center for Dance Education, Rochester, NY