Pirouette Class 2
Pirouette Class 2


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Finis on CBS


Finis was featured on the television show CBS This Morning! He discussed dancing well beyond retirement age and how he inspires dancers of every age. Watch the segment!


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Here are twelve new lessons which break down the fundamental elements of the pirouette en dehors from fourth position. Instructions about correct muscle usage and the mechanics of movement have been minutely detailed in bite-sized, digestible 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 minute segments. As you study each lesson you will discover what you're not doing and how to correct and perfect your preparatory moves. Learn to work your body parts correctly and in the proper sequence so you can get on your leg and turn. This video forges ahead with several new strength-building exercises and explicit "how to" instructions not previously shown on other turning videos. Remember, if we can go to the moon and back, you can turn around twice on the floor.

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Lesson 1. You're always Number 1
Lesson 2. At the barre, place your passé correctly
Lesson 3. Plié & relevé with your hands & arms
Lesson 4. Work the plié & relevé with a pull & a push
Lesson 5. Turn the plié & promenade
Lesson 6. Snap your head & spot!
Lesson 7. At the barre, half-turn
Lesson 8. At the barre, full turn to the mirror
Lesson 9. Off the barre, spot the mirror
Lesson 10. Off the barre, spot the corner
Lesson 11. Slow tombé pas de bourrée, tendu, turn
Lesson 12. Quick tombé pas de bourrée, turn


New Ballet Music 11 "Illuminations"

LEVELS 2 & UP. ALL REGIONS DVD. 50 minutes. Taught by Finis Jhung. Demonstrated by Sachiko Kanai. CD Music by Scott Killian: New Ballet Music 11 "Illuminations"


“I wanted to let you know that 4 of my students were chosen to dance with the Moscow Ballet Company when they performed The Nutcracker in Gillette, WY. The master ballet director, Olga, chose my students out of hundreds of children who auditioned because of their technique. Their technique is outstanding because I teach them what I have learned from you in your videos. The ‘how and the why’ makes all the difference in the world. Thank you again for sharing your ‘pearls of wisdom’ so we are better ballet instructors for our students. You are so gracious in your corrections. The words you choose and your tone of voice are very soothing and uplifting to the student— ‘you are the student, I know you can do this, and I’m going to show you how.’ I love way you break the movement into physics. I can correct someone, let them practice, and before they go home they have conquered their biggest fear such as turns. They get it!
— Lori Bickford, RNC, BSN, MS
Director of Services, Weston County Public Health, Newcastle, WY

"Watching the 'Pirouette Class 2' streaming video made me feel like you are kindly dissecting how a pirouette turn is constructed in 1,000 different pieces and showing us a step-by-step process of generating this movement. Your explanation is not only very thorough but also highly logical and makes sense. I feel I FINALLY understood all the mysteries behind how to make a clean pirouette turn after almost two years of practice. Your stressing the fact that spotting is actually not seeing but snapping your head quickly gave me an 'aha' moment. Nobody was able to explain this to me but now I exactly know when I should turn ('snap') my head when doing a pirouette--and let the head always last to move and the first to arrive. Very excited, I attempted a pirouette immediately after watching your video and the result was an effortless clean single turn. I just could not believe how simple and easy that was. My pirouette-complex dissipated at that moment. I am no longer afraid of pirouettes." — MYL, Kaneohe HI

"I have only been dancing for 3 years (I am nearly 65) and the detail with which you explain things, your calm delivery, humor, and the focus on different body parts (and where they should be) is really helpful. I also appreciate being able to do things very slowly. I think this is making me stronger, but I also get a chance to concentrate on different muscles so I know what I am supposed to be doing! Thank you!" - Joan Sawyer, Brookline, MA

"I absolutely love this DVD. It is so helpful, and already my pirouettes have greatly improved. It came just in time, since I have a performance with our group coming up in three weeks and I was struggling with pirouettes.Thanks for your great instruction!" — Tamara Wade, Pahoa, HI

"Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in promoting healthy execution without sacrificing artistry in dance. I have a small private practice devoted almost exclusively to the adolescent dancer. Not having been a dancer myself (my daughter's overuse injury while rising en pointe 8 years ago stimulated my interest in working with the dancer) I am always looking at ways to enrich my knowledge of how dance is taught and executed so that I might integrate that knowledge into rehabilitation programs that will most safely return my patients to dance and/or to help those who are seeking my guidance to prepare for pointe work, etc. do so with the best advice. Last month I came upon your website for the first time. Seeing how rich and inclusive it is, I don't know how it evaded me for so long! I was struck by the fact that many of the ways I had come to understand movement in dance using my background of physics and kinesiology you were also using in your DVDs. The greatest surprise came when I was ordering several of your DVDs. I often have used the image of an old school top with my dancers (often having to describe how they worked as they are not commonly used by children today). I felt very validated when I received your DVD and low and behold there you were holding a top in your hand! Thank you again for the beautiful manner in which you offer your skill and artistry!" — Maribeth Crupi, PT, Wilmington, MA

"Your teaching is magical, the corrections extremely helpful... as the owner of a small dance studio (teaching classical ballet + pointe, childrens dance, jazz and modern dance) I can only thank you from my heart for everything you have already done for my students and me! At the age of 38 and after 25 years of dancing I have discovered my body all over again —my posture, my back—with the help of your DVDs! A "simple" plié has new meaning to me now, as well as the preparations for turns. As a matter of fact, I have never turned better in my life!!! And I enjoy all these new discoveries immensely! I appreciate very much the opportunity to download your teaching units directly to my macbook, too! I live in Austria/Europe and this new method saves me a lot of shipping costs (and waiting time. I would download many more teaching units when available!"—Gerlinde Langer, Wimpassing, Austria

"This is really wonderful, thank you! The push up/pull up concept was a revelation. Nose over toes, the push up concept, making the S, are now all things that immediately pop into mind when I work on the pirouette. I also practice the spotting exercise every day. I learn so much from you, thank you so much! I'm looking forward to more downloads!" — Lorry M. Trujillo Perez

"I have appreciated your mini videos very much. I applaud the new downloadable format as it makes the purchase easier and more cost-efficient. It's really handy. It also eliminates the waiting time for the video to ship across the oceans to where I live! Each short video clip provides crucial information on how to build up the basic technique before executing a pirouette properly. Because the clips are individual MP3 files, the format lends itself to individual viewing. When I watch each clip separately, as opposed to running through an entire program on a DVD, I tend to be able to focus more on the details, really understanding the concepts and then going on to practice the exercises repeatedly."—Loo Wah Hansen, Hong Kong

"I remember stumbling upon an article you had written and thinking, 'My God, what a relief!' So much teaching is passed down from person to person and no one ever asks why it is this way or that, or why a lot of old teaching is completely useless! We just continue on thinking that we just aren't good enough. But not with the lessons you give! They help us move the way God actually made us to move within the art and athleticism of ballet. The two are only separated by stubborn ignorance. I want to pass on to my students the common sense things that I am absorbing from you. What a blessing."—Gerisa Thompson, Burton School of Dance, Weslaco, Texas

"The new video downloads are helpful in a number of ways. Although I downloaded all of the videos more or less at the same time, I could have easily chosen one at a time e.g. one a week for twelve weeks which is kind of like having a private dancing lesson each week for three months and anyone who is serious about dance would consider that a bonus. Each episode provides valuable information for dancing better and in some way, links in to all of the DVD's while at the same time placing the content of these DVD's in a new light. The podcast format makes it easier to stop and start the lessons on the computer and have them for viewing on a phone, making them more accessible when practicing in some situations. To be able to participate in dance lessons in such a way is a great resource for anyone and to be taught by someone who has such a keen eye for technique and aesthetics is both an asset and an essential value. All in all, the downloads are a resource that I personally hope continue to be produced. They have kept me dancing well for the past weeks and I have no reason to doubt that will continue"—Judith Chestnut, Dance NSW, Australia

”Ok, I worked through the lessons over the weekend - Fabulous! These lessons really connect the dots! A few months ago, I decided my pirouettes were in need of an overhaul, so i bought all the DVD's that dealt with turning. I learned new and... fascinating things, my confidence and my pirouettes improved very much... but, they still were not completely stable and consistent. These lessons really seem to fill in the blanks. I never put together the idea before of getting the shoulder over the toe for turns as is explained in lesson 5. I almost feel stupid to have not considered that before. It's also great the twist on the spotting exercise in lesson 6, of practicing the coordination of closing the arms with the head movement. Working through the lessons, all was going well when turning to the left... but I kept falling over when turning to the right... then I came upon lesson 10 (I think it was) -with the exercise for s-movement of the arm - this concept was covered before - but had never really jelled for me. But having that detail isolated and focused into a single lesson to practice and concentrate on, really made the difference and made me conscious of what I was doing wrong. Within a minute I went from whipping the left arm around - to a smooth controlled pirouette... and I had been gearing myself up for frustration about why I kept falling over on that side - so I'm all smiles now and even more confident , yup, it's gonna work - Thank you, Finis - Bravo! :)"- Kashika Kristin Lagrutta Boulanger, Oldenburg, Germany

"These are very precious concentrated lessons in body awareness in addition to clarifying the steps to achieving ballet's most illusive movement. It's like taking Finis Jhung's class in slow motion - they reinforce in wonderful 4-minute bursts all the wisdom that he disseminates over longer formats." - Giannella M. Garrett, New York, NY