Scott Killian: New Ballet Music 3
Scott Killian: New Ballet
Music 3



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27 Digitally Orchestrated Selections for Barre & Center Exercises. 13 barre, 14 center exercises. No repeats. Extra long tracks. In more ways than one, this All-American CD really is revolutionary: it's not your typical ballet music; every exercise is digitally orchestrated, providing a brand new listening experience that will perk up your classes; and some of the tunes, in particular the Hoe Down and The Reel, will have your dancers - and you - jumping deliriously with the spirit of America. It ends with a 5 minute dance for you, or your students, to choreograph.


1. Relax & Stretch: moderate 4/4, 1:47
2. Pliés: 3/4, languid waltz, 3:00
3. Tendu: 4/4, allegretto, 2:33
4. Tendu: 4/4, "Tango Mysterioso" 2:34
5. Tendu: moderate 4/4, 4:36
6. Tendu, dégagé: 3/4, "ala Habanera" 2:00
7. Dégagé: quick 3/4, Mazurka, 1:58
8. Dégagé: 6/8, presto, :59
9. Adagio: 4/4, 4:11
10. Rond de jambe: 3/4, moderate waltz, 2:40
11. Frappé: 6/8, vivacé, 1:08
12. Fondu: 3/4, Nocture, 2:34
13. Grand battement: 3/4, Polonnaise, 1:48
14. Pirouettes: 3/4, Mazurka, 1:40
15. Pirouettes: moderate 2/4, 1:33
16. Adagio: 4/4, 2:16
17. Adagio: 3/4, 4:54
18. Fondu relevé: 4/4, Tango, 2:38
19. Fondu relevé: 6/8, Lively Jig, 2:10
20. Fondu relevé: 2/4, March, 2:54
21. Changements: 4/4, "Hoe Down!" 1:25
22. Petit allégro: 3/4, Waltz, 3:35
23. Petit allégro: 2/4, Reel, 1:50
24. Grand allégro: 3/4, Waltz, 2:05
25. Grand allégro: 2/4, March, 2:38
26. Coda: 4/4, 2:50
27. Dance: "Jay's Song", 3:40


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"Our students love to take classes with these new compositions - they have the fullness, and a rich quality that can be lacking in solo piano music." - Logan and Sally Smith, Bon Air Dance & Pilates, Bon Air, VA

"I am the ballet teacher with the classical music thing. Well, I cannot begin to tell you how popular Scott Killian's orchestrated music has been with all the students. It is so beautiful for ballet, and works for both young students and us teachers, too! It is so inspiring!" - Patti Bingham, Dance Department, SCAPA Bluegrass and Lafayette, Lexington, KY