Scott Killian: Music for Intermediate Ballet Class
Scott Killian: Music for
Intermediate Ballet Class



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Finis on CBS


Finis was featured on the television show CBS This Morning! He discussed dancing well beyond retirement age and how he inspires dancers of every age. Watch the segment!


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24 Selections. Floor stretches, 15 barre, 8 center exercises. This CD begins with digitally orchestrated music for floor stretches; all the rest is solo piano music. All the music except for two selections has been written by Scott. Once you've heard this CD, which is vintage Killian - you'll treasure it, for it's music that will make you dance - and you’ll want to hear it again and again. It's timeless. Some of these tracks have been orchestrated and lengthened and are included in Scott Killian: New Ballet Music 10 - "Special Places." Finis' favorite in this album is the sublime Réverence on Track 24.


1. Floor warm-up, 12:50
2. Relax & stretch: 4/4, moderate, 1:39
3. Pliés: 3/4, slow waltz, 2:35
4. Battement tendu: 2/4, slow march, 1:33
5. Battement tendu: 4/4, moderate, 3:18
6. Battement tendu: 6/8, allegro, 1:11
7. Battement tendu: 4/4, moderate, 3:29
8. Battement tendu: 4/4, lazy tango, 2:41
9. Battement tendu: 3/4, bright waltz, 2:00
10. Pushes, dégagé, chevals: 6/8, quick & lively, 1:07
11. Leg stretch, balance: 3/4, slow waltz, 2:16
12. Rond de jambe: 3/4, moderate waltz, 2:20
13. Stretch, balance: 4/4, adagio, 3:38
14. Frappés: 6/8, lively jig, 1:10
15. Extensions, beats: 3/4, moderate mazurka, 2:05
16. Grand battements: 3/4, spirited waltz, 2:12
17. Tendus, pirouettes: 3/4, moderate waltz, 2:15
18. Développés: 4/4, slow march, 1:28
19. Fondus, pirouettes: 3/4, moderate waltz, 1:14
20. Chaînés, changements: 2/4, quick, 1:01
21. Petit allegro: 3/4, lively waltz, 1:57
22. Petit allegro: 4/4, quick coda, 1:41
23. Grand allegro: 3/4, big waltz, 2:14
24. Réverence: 3/4, adagio, 1:14


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Classic Classes 1 - Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Pointe Class
Classic Classes 2 - Intermediate/Advanced Turning Class
Classic Classes 3 - Slow Intermediate Class


"Thank you for having the beautiful soft music for stretching, as well as all the other selections. You truly know the dancer, and the old dancer, living in the teacher." - Natasha Middleton, Artistic Director, Media Dance Arts Center, Burbank, CA