Absolute Beginner DVD Package
Absolute Beginner DVD


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Finis on CBS


Finis was featured on the television show CBS This Morning! He discussed dancing well beyond retirement age and how he inspires dancers of every age. Watch the segment!


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Notice: This package will ship when Basic Ballet Movement Skills Lesson 3 is released in mid-December 2014. Call or email for details.


We know that most of you are 9 to 5’ers, well past your sixteenth birthday and either have no ballet experience—or very little of it—or perhaps a lot of it— in classes that are too advanced for you. So, here you go with our newest Package which gives you the barre Finis teaches his Absolute Beginners at The Ailey Extension in New York City, plus basic movement skills you need to know if you hope to move forward (and you most certainly can), plus the quiet home stretches Finis does each day, plus stretch movements that are not ballet, but have a balletic sensibility.


If you'd like to purchase this Package but already have most of the DVDs, you may make substitutions. Choose any replacement DVDs you like (except CONNECTING MOVEMENTS SIDEWAYS & FORWARD, TURNING CONNECTING MOVEMENTS & TURNING JUMPS, THE THINKING DANCER videos, and PARTNERING TECHNIQUES.) Substitutions are limited as follows: 12 DVD package — substitute 4; 7 or 8 DVD Package — substitute 3; 6 DVD Package — substitute 2; 5 DVD Package — substitute 1.

Instructions: In the COMMENTS section of the order form, please tell us which DVDs to remove and which to insert. We want you to be happy!


9 DVDs

1. Ballet Barre for The Adult Absolute Beginner
2. FJBT Level 1: Centerwork for Beginners
3. Ballet Barre Stretch & Strength
4. Meditative Stretching
5. The Ten-Minute Stretch Break
6. The Ten Minute Ballet Break
7. Basic Ballet Movement Skills Lesson 1
8. Basic Ballet Movement Skills Lesson 2
9. Basic Ballet Movement Skills Lesson 3