Barrework DVD Package
Barrework DVD Package

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Finis on CBS


Finis was featured on the television show CBS This Morning! He discussed dancing well beyond retirement age and how he inspires dancers of every age. Watch the segment!


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From absolute beginner to the Intermediate/Advanced Level, these videos teach what really matters. Learn HOW to to correctly use your muscles and energy so you are always on your leg and able to dance with confidence in center floor.


9 DVDs

The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Barrework Level 1
The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Barrework Level 2
The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Barrework Level 3
The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Barrework Level 4
The Power Barre: Essential Exercises for Strength & Control Levels 2 & Up
The Thinking Dancer: Working at the Barre
The Center Floor Ballet Warm-up
Ballet Barre Stretch & Strength
Ballet Barre for the Adult Absolute Beginner

If you'd like to purchase this Package but already have most of the DVDs, you may make substitutions. Choose any replacement DVDs you like (except CONNECTING MOVEMENTS SIDEWAYS & FORWARD, TURNING CONNECTING MOVEMENTS & TURNING JUMPS, THE THINKING DANCER videos, and PARTNERING TECHNIQUES.) Substitutions are limited as follows: 12 DVD pacakge - subsitute 4; 7 or 8 DVD Package - substitute 3; 6 DVD Package - substitute 2; 5 DVD Package - substitute 1. In the COMMENTS section of the order form, please tell us which DVDs to remove and which to insert. We want you to be happy!

Customer Comments

"The DVD's are remarkable and I now own almost all that have been produced. As a product of Balanchine trained dancers, I know that I hold a high standard for my students. I love Finis and his approach to teaching. Everything in his DVD collection speaks to my own personal dance background. He is, in effect, reinforcing my memories and helping me pass substantial technique to my students."—Virginia Zellner, Studio D, Sherman,CT

"I would like to take the opportunity to THANK YOU for all that you teach usYour principles apply 100% soI have 11 year old girls doing things that took me years and years to understand and, sadder for me to accept, to do. I am also learning to dance Salsa with a professional dancer and — oh surprise! — I had to do chaînés and en dedans turns on high heels and guess what? Again, your teaching came to my rescue. I thought this was a little bit funny but also it amazed me to see how far your knowledge can reach. For that reason I wanted to share this with you as I think you deserve the recognition for it.So once again, thank you for all your dedication." — Heidi Ketchel, Teacher, Rochester, PA

"Loaded with your gentle guidance and helpful suggestions, your DVDs have yielded one revelation after another, and I have had a bunch of 'aha!' and 'wow, it works!' and 'I actually look professional!' moments! :-) I even bought some of your DVDs that are beyond my capabilities (the pointe DVDs, for example), because I love looking at them, and, even for a beginner like me, I have found numerous nifty helpful tips in those DVDs. I work full-time, and my ballet classes are just once a week (twice a week if I manage to get time off from work). I practice at home in my kitchen, which is where I watch your DVDs for guidance and sheer enjoyment. My ultimate ballet daydream is to be able to do pointe, but I know it needs dedicated practicefor a bunch of years; andmy 64-year old body is already thinking, 'are you nuts?' ha ha!Thanks again for your wonderful teaching!" — Loretta Seeley, Hospital Pharmacist, San Francisco, CA

"I have to say how grateful I am that you share your wisdom and your knowledge not only with professional dancers you coach but with people of dramatically lesser physical abilities. Perhaps because I came to organized movement relatively late I am keenly conscious of how much it adds to the joy of life. Your DVDs have helped impart that joy to people far outside the professional dance world. Thank you for that." — Laura Fasick, Moorhead, MN