Scott Killian: KIDS!2
Scott Killian: KIDS!2


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Finis was featured on the television show CBS This Morning! He discussed dancing well beyond retirement age and how he inspires dancers of every age. Watch the segment!


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Scott Killian''s done it again! With a format similar to that used in the popular KIDS! CD, teachers will find it easy to introduce new music into the classroom without having to drastically adjust the existing class structure. Here are 51 new orchestrations which are imaginative and colorful and maintain the necessary clarity of rhythm and phrasing for young ears. The ''creative'' portions of the CD (E-Motions, "I''d Like to Be . . .) will inspire teachers and students alike to explore dance as a playground for the imagination. In order to write this brilliant new CD, Scott once again collaborated with LEAP ''N LEARN director Beverly Spell. Based on observations of Beverly''s children’s classes at The Ballet Studio in Milton, LA, Scott has written music which creates a stimulating learning environment where young dancers can explore the wonders and beauty of beginning ballet and creative movement.


1. Circle Dance & Claps (3:55)
2. Snuggle & Stretch (2:08)
3. Foot & Ankle Stretches (1:19)
4. Neck & Back Stretches (:59)
5. Straddle Stretches (:53)
6. Back Strengthening (1:23)
7. Cat Stretch & Balance (:55)

*Center Barre*
8. Port de bras (1:21)
9. Plié (2:29)
10. Tendu 1 (1:18)
11. Tendu 2 (2:48)
12. Dégagé (1:17)
13. Piqué Points (:27)
14. Piqué Points — faster (:24)
15. Rond de jambe (:48)
16. Cou-de-pied / Passe (:44)
17. Relevé (:44)

18. Rocking / temps lié (1:05)
19. Pas de bourrée (:45)
20. Sauté (:33)
21. échappé sauté (:37)
22. Pas de chat (:31)
23. Glissade (:48)
24. Sissonne (:47)

25. Passé walks (2:47)
26. Marches (2:48)
27. Ballet walks (1:39)
28. Bourrée (1:20)
29. Piqué parallel-plié (1:31)
30. Skips (1:25)
31. Gallop / chassé / polka (1:44)
32. Skating (1:41)
33. Step assemblé parallel (2:02)
34. Waltz — slow (1:48)
35. Waltz — faster (1:37)
36. Leaps (2:18)
37. Révérence (1:02)

38. "I''m so happy!" (:29)
39. "That makes me sad!" (:30)
40. "I feel like being silly!" (:29)
41. "That scares me!" (:35)
42. "I''m so brave!" (:33)
43. "I''m so bored!" (:29)
44. "I can hardly wait!" (:33)

"I'd Like to Be..."
45. "Under the sea" (1:22)
46. "On the farm" (1:34)
47. "In the air" (2:14)
48. "In the desert" (1:18)
49. "In the forest" (2:54)
50. "On the moon" (1:49)
51. "In the city" (1:27)




"I have to tell you much I am absolutely LOVING your KIDS!2 CD! I used it for all of my summer ballet classes — everything from adult beginners to a pointe study class. I think it’s even better than the first KIDS! CD. I really hate going back to solo piano music after using your beautiful and full orchestrated CDs!" - Toni-Lynn Miles, Middlesex Dance Center, Durham CT