Bill Brown: New Music for Your Ballet Class
Bill Brown: New Music for
Your Ballet Class



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Finis on CBS


Finis was featured on the television show CBS This Morning! He discussed dancing well beyond retirement age and how he inspires dancers of every age. Watch the segment!


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23 Original Selections. 11 barre, 12 center exercises. Teacher's request! A reissue of sell-out favorites. Since his music first came out, it was love at first hearing, for all of us, everywhere. This truly is American music at its best - it's simply a Must. Unforgettable, inspired, inspiring music that is a testament to the unique genius of Bill Brown, who died of AIDS but lives on forever through the timeless classicism of his extraordinary music.


1. Pliés: flowing 6/8, 3:58 minutes
2. Battement tendu: flowing 2/4, 1:45
3. Battement tendu: moderate 3/4, 3:18
4. Battement tendu, dégagé: moderate 2/4, :49
5. Battement dégagé: fast 2/4, 1:06
6. Rond de jambe à terre & en l’air: slow 2/4, 1:45
7. Adagio: moderate 3/4, 2:01
8. Battement frappé: moderate 2/4, :40
9. Battement fondu: quick 3/4, 1:09
10. Battement sur le cou-de-pied: fast 2/4, :58
11. Grand battement: Spanish 6/8 waltz, 1:04
12. Adagio: flowing 6/8, 2:04
13. Pirouettes: moderate 2/4, 1:25
14. Mazurka: 3/4, 1:35
15. Tango: 2/4, 1:09
16. Jig: 6/8, 1:23
17. March: moderate 4/4, 1:22
18. Little jumps: moderate 6/8, :53
19. Piqué turns: quick 2/4, :35
20. Grand allégro: heavy 2/4, 1:07
21. Coda, fouetté turns: 2/4, 1:00
22. Grand allégro: 3/4, 2:09
23. Réverence: adagio, 4/4, 1:04


Classic Classes 1 - Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Pointe Class
The Thinking Dancer: Working at the Barre
The Thinking Dancer: Dancing in the Center


"This music is so inspiring. Every exercise is a lesson in expression and performance as well as personal technique. Thank you for caring for a dancer-teacher-student's emotional and artistic needs, as well as the technical aspects!" - Robin Conrad Sturm, Northern Virginia Dance Academy, Asaph Dance Ensemble, Manassas, VA