The whole package!

I am proud of all of the DVDs I offer and have worked very hard to insure that each one can help you improve your technique and artistry. For those of you just starting out, or even for experienced dancers looking for variety in reconnecting with the fundamentals, these DVD packages offer even more value.

We have tried to assemble a few packages that I feel offer something for every dancer. I hope you agree.

— Finis

When you buy The Entire Collection, you will save 50% off the individual DVD price. Or choose another package and save 25%, compared to the individual price. And all packages receive free priority mail shipping!

The Finis Jhung DVD<BR />Collection
The Finis Jhung DVD

$1,848.00  $924.00 
FJ Book, DVDs, & CDs
FJ Book, DVDs, & CDs
$530.00  $397.44 
FJ Book and DVDs<BR />Package
FJ Book and DVDs

$330.00  $247.44 
FJ Book Companion<BR />DVD Package
FJ Book Companion
DVD Package

$279.93  $209.95 
Center Combinations<BR />for Teachers DVD<BR />Package
Center Combinations
for Teachers DVD

$269.94  $202.45 
Absolute Beginner<BR />DVD Package
Absolute Beginner
DVD Package

$319.92  $239.92 
FJ Ballet Technique<BR />Package
FJ Ballet Technique

$479.88  $359.91 
Pointe DVD Package
Pointe DVD Package
$239.94  $179.96 
Pirouette DVD<BR />Package
Pirouette DVD

$319.92  $239.94 
Stretch & Anti-Aging<BR />Package
Stretch & Anti-Aging

$199.95  $149.97 
Barrework DVD<BR />Package
Barrework DVD

$369.91  $277.43 
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